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The Golden Ring of Russia 4 days/3 nights

The "Golden Ring" is a ring of cities northeast of Moscow, the capital of
Russia. The 'classical' route (counter clockwise) starts from Moscow,
goes through Bogolubovo, Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Yaroslavl and
Rostov Velikiy. They formerly comprised the region known as Zalesye.

Vladimir — the history of the town goes back over one thousand years. It was founded in 990s by prince Vladimir on the bank of the river Klyasma. The rise of Vladimir began under Andrey Bogolubsky, the son
of Yuri Dolgoruky who founded Moscow.

Bogolyubovo — Bogolyubovo was once the residence of the Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky. It was built between 1158 and 1165 by the order of Andrei Bogolyubsky at the mouth of the Nerl river (where it flows into the Klyazma river). You will visit Svyato-Bogolyubsky monastery and Pokrova-na-Nerli church — a real masterpiece of the old Russian architecture built in 1164.

Suzdal — fabulously ancient and wonderfully adorned, Suzdal occupies a special place among the other Russian towns. The entire town is a museum which has hardly changed for the past two and a half centuries. You will visit the Kremlin, the ancient trading rows and Kresovaya palata, visit the unique museum of wooden architecture, see lots of big and small churches and listen to the bells' concert in Spaso-Efimievsky monastery.

Kostroma — the central city of the region was founded in the 1150s and now is one of the Golden Ring’s most important cultural and commercial centers. Contemporary Kostroma is a picturesque city with a strong historical atmosphere. The town is famous for its trade galleries, firewatch tower, Romanov’s palace and Ipatiev monastery, which is recognized as a true miracle of Russian architecture.

Yaroslavl — though the city is the biggest and most active one on the route, it has conserved a nice style of province life. Yaroslavl has a rich collection of historical and art monuments, it is also known for the wallpaintings in cathedrals and churches.

Rostov — is one of the oldest cities on the route, situated by the beautiful lake Nero. The enormous cathedral of the XVI century and its "metropoly" are considered to be the ancient city center, the so called
"Rostov Kremlin".

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