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Space tourismis becoming a closer reality. We provide thespace adventuresfor everybody who has a dream to become a space tourist. For our tourists we have some exciting programs.

You can start your space journey from having the space training at Y. Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center. This Cosmonauts Training Center has unique facilities for cosmonauts' training, such as space simulators and stands, survival training program for сosmonauts, diving in the hydrolaboratory and spinning in the centrifuge and a lot more….

If you are not ready to have cosmonauts training we will be glad to arrange the Star City Tour. You will visit Y. Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center and see all training facilities and know many interesting facts about being a cosmonaut. All Star City guides are professional on space field.

Besides of space training in Y. Gagarin Center we organise zero gravity flights aboard a IL-76 MDK and flights for tourists in the fighter jet MIG-29. We also provide

the tour to Cosmodrome Baikonur in Kazakhstan for the launch of the spaceship SOYUZ. We guarantee that your tour to Cosmodrome Baikonur will be one of the best space adventures!

The team of trained specialists in the branch of aviation & space tourism is happy to welcome you to Russia and to fill up your life with new sensations and adventures!

TEL: +31- 20 683 94 94
FAX: +31- 20 612 60 04
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